2018 Neighbo/u/rhood

The theme of the 2018 SANTORINI BIENNALE is Neighbo/u/rhood. Digital Neigborhood will be the focus of IMMERSIVIA.

Get a free world. 216 worlds capacity. The real size of your world is 42x42x42 meter and might have a transition area of 2 meter. Using infinitewalls technology expands the view inside, expands the NECK OF YOUR CUBES. Three, four, five or six neighours?

Infinitewalls was first published in 2009*. It is available for artists contributing to the upcoming 4th edition of the Santorini Biennale FOR FREE. *42

What may Urbandictionary say?
That's the forecast. Stay tuned for local art in your neck of the cubes. What time is it in your neck of the cubes?

What makes INFINITECUBES so fitting to the theme?

When you are inside your world you dont see the worlds outside. You dont know what is beyond your walls. You need to visit your neighbours to see. For this you drift sitting on a blue recliner seat. The drift is based on your dreams when you sleep. When you choose to be awake you can control the drift of the seat: left, right, up, down, forward, backward.

I said you dont see the worlds outside, but there are no walls. There is an infite reflexion of your world until you come to the border, when you transit. It points back to an installment „the man behind the mirror“ that was presented by Navah Dreams on Paros in 2011.

Adrian, an 18 years old student, joined this month my lab.
For the INFINITECUBES he will work out some basic textures under the fictious name NECKOFCUBES. INFINITECUBES works with advanced light settings.

 * Exhibition „I in 3D“, St. Cavalier, Malta. 42 FREE grants. A setup fee for artist promotion may apply by the Biennale.

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